Summer Holiday Blues

Hey guys! Just wanted to say sorry ive been a little m.i.a recently but i plan to be in full swing of things soon! Here’s a snapshot of my recent holiday to Orlando -USA, the most amazing holiday I’ve been on! First we went to Disney for a week and then went on a cruise via Carnival where we visited some of the most beautiful islands ever! Enjoy x

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I also did ALOT of cheeky shopping, including going to Sephora!! ( We don’t have one in the uk :() so let me know if you’d like to see a mini haul 🙂

Shivani xo

Review: MAC Face and Body Foundation

IMG_4095 IMG_4117 IMG_4120 IMG_4121 IMG_4127 IMG_4123 IMG_4134 IMG_4129

I recently bought this in hunt of a new lightweight foundation to wear during all year around that would give me enough coverage that I would be happy with and wasn’t cakey looking on the skin.  The MAC face and body is a super lightweight foundation and almost feels like water when you first put it on however sets quickly into the skin.

I find that it is a light coverage (which is what I was after) but can definitely be built up to an almost medium coverage, I have combination skin where I will get oily during the day throughout my T-Zone, but my cheeks tend to be on the drier side. When you first apply this you are left with beautiful dewy skin and therefor I would highly recommend this to anyone who has dry skin wanting a glowy finish, it gives you such a healthy, luminous look, perfect for everyday wear as well.

I got mine in the shade C3, which is a perfect match as I have a warm  olive complexion and I would say for those who are between an NC25-NC30 (in other MAC foundations) this would be a pretty good match for you as well! If you are more of a fuller coverage type of person you could always use this as a base so when it comes to putting another foundation you have the maximum coverage, or those who feel like when they wear this foundation, that it doesn’t cover much up you could just go in with a concealer to cover any additional scars/ blemishes that might be peeking through!

Shivani xo

Day Out In The Big City



So yesterday me and my friend decided we would go to London to do a bit of holiday shopping!! The weather wasn’t too bad surprisingly however there were a few grey clouds but luckily it didn’t rain!

Our main aim was to do all of our holiday shopping in one go, well if any of you have been to London it can be SO tiring due to the shops being so massive, (a good thing i must say). I did mange to pick up alot of summer clothes for when i go on holiday and even managed to pick out items that would be perfect for all year round- that could be easily layered, dressed up or down.


IMG_4039 (1)

My favorite piece of clothing that i picked up was this mint green shirt from Urban Outfitters (originally £42.00, reduced down to 12.50, what a bargain!!) I have to say the urban outfitters (Oxford Street) were having a massive sale- on top of the sale they were giving an extra 20% off sale items!! I thought this would be perfect for those summer days where the suns out but when its quite windy (as you know the U.K is very good for its unpredictable weather). What made me love it even more was the color of this shirt as it will look especially amazing when i have a tan as the colour will really pop!

If you would like to see a mini clothing haul, feel free to let me know in the comments below 🙂

Hope your having a great week!! Stay happy ❤

Shivani xo

Summer Beauty Must Haves


So recently I’ve been loving these makeup products throughout the summer months, for me they feel super lightweight on the skin but will last long during those hot summer days.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (Boots £3.00): You’ve seen this guy pop up on some of my recent posts in the past, but honestly I think this is such a good cleanser, especially for those days where I’m too lazy to take my makeup off,I can soak a cotton ball and it will act as if I am ‘cleansing my face’. I tend to use this after I’ve used a makeup wipe to ensure my skin is left super clean and remove makeup that the wipes didn’t.

Smashbox Primer Water (Boots £20): At first I was skeptical about buying this product as I though it was just a big price tag for some fancy water, however after using more products to pro-long my makeup wear- this included, I have found that my makeup has not budged one bit! Its nice and refreshing to use in the morning and smells fab too!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, Opal: This has been my go to highlighter for when I do a full face of makeup, it’s Kim K in a powder! This provides you with an intense glow and doesn’t have big chunks of glitter and is so so so pretty when it catches the sunlight.

Revlon Cream Blush 100: I’ve never really been into cream products until recently as i have found that they look a lot more natural then using powders especially for bronzers and blushes. I have been loving using this as it really adds a warm glow to the skin and is that perfect orange/coral blush for the summer!

Makeup Forever HD Foundation: This has become my holy grail foundation, it feels lightweight on the skin whilst providing the perfect coverage. I would say its a medium coverage foundation but can definitely be built up for a fuller coverage look. It leaves my skin looking so healthy as it has a slight dewy finish which i love in foundations!

Revlon Nail Polish: Sad to say my nails are short and stubby this exact moment however when my nails were long (i.e 2 weeks ago) i wore this on my nails and received many compliments on how nice my nails looked. I think this color is perfect for the summer as it provides a pop of color without being to bright, and enough to make a plain outfit stand out!

Hope you are all having a great summer!!

Shivani xo


I know for some of you Christmas might be over but here in the U.K we’ve got a couple hours left of stuffing our faces until our food baby makes an appearance. The other day i wanted to feel as festive as possible so i painted my nails and of course there is going to be a little glitter going on, i mean its Christmas so i couldn’t resist!! I used the Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish- MARS (Kate Moss Collection) and i used a fine glitter puff, to ‘puff’ the glitter over the nails almost like a glitter gradient effect.

photo (3)

As i was feeling super festive i decided to build a gingerbread house!! Now i underestimated how long these actually take after watching the queen Mary Berry make her one i was like this is going to easy as pie but no, trust me you need a lot of time and patience!!

photo (5)

May your Christmas be filled with lots of happiness, peace and love… ooh and lots of presents 🙂 Also have a wonderful new year!!!


Shivani xo

Skincare Routine (How I Take My Makeup Off)

Here’s a little post about my skincare routine, before I started to take an interest in makeup and beauty skincare wasn’t really on my radar however as I’ve matured and my beauty knowledge has grown, personally for me a good skincare routine really does help into making your makeup look ‘flawless’.

photo (2)

To remove any makeup I use the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which can be purchased from any drugstore for a mere £4.99! This literally works wonders; it removes my face/eye makeup without irritating my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling dry and tight like some makeup removers have done in the past. I just dampen a cotton ball and swipe over my cheek area but hold the cotton ball over delicate areas; this is one of my Holy Grail products and works wonders!

image (4) image (6)

Next I use the Simple Spotless Skin Blackhead Eliminating Face Scrub which is a soft exfoliator that is gentle to the skin. The reason I use this is to mainly scrub away any of the skins dead cells and to clear clogged pores, I don’t find this to dry out my skin in fact it actually quite moisturising to be honest. When I apply it feels like a moisturiser with exfoliator bits in it but isn’t greasy in the slightest! I highlight recommend this and it’s cheap too!

image (5)

Finally I use a moisturiser and as you can see I like to switch it up a lot! During the day I use the No7 Daily Essentials Moisturiser as its very light on the skin and absorbs quickly so it’s great for those day for when you’re in a rush! A similar product is the Clinique Moisturiser this was a sample but again its very light and super hydrating for those who want to spend a bit more on their skincare. For me the only difference between the two is that the Clinique one is a lot thinner however it does give you more of a moisturising feel as the No7 one absorbs so quickly.

image (7) image (8) image (10)

During these winter months my skin tends to become a lot drier and therefore I like to apply argan oil at night and this is basically like a ‘super moisturiser’ as it’s so rich in Vitamin E, it’s great for keeping your skin soft and moisturised. I would recommend getting and organic/100% Argan Oil as it doesn’t have any of those nasty chemicals in.

image (9)

On a day to day basis depending on how my skin is feeling I will just use one of these moisturisers not all three of them!!

Let me know what your skin care favorites are! I’m always on the lookout for skincare gems.

Shivani xo

*October Beauty Favorites*

Hiya Guys!!

Here are a few things which I have loved throughout the month of October! Can you believe that it is less than 2 months till Christmas ahhhhhhh.

First for the beauty products! Everyone can you please take a moment- MAC Soft & Gentle is a beautiful iridescent highlighter- absolutely beautiful. I’ve loved the dewy skin at the moment and this is just perfect, I also pop this onto my inner corner to give me that wide-awake feel!


For me I’m actually quite lazy and so putting on a full face of makeup first thing in the morning is a no-go, so what I have been loving is to put a concealer few shades lighter than my skin tone under my eyes, whack a bit of mascara on and BAM I’m out the door! My two Holy Grail concealers have been the LA Girls Pro Concealer & the Maybelline Age Rewind which is perfect for my skin tone as it has a yellow undertone.

image (1)

Hoola bronzer is a beautiful grey toned bronzer who is perfect for a contour as it doesn’t have that orangey shadow to it and so is perfect for those who like a natural contour!

image (2)

Next is my absolute favourite waterproof mascara which stays on through thick and thin and I mean literally, I teach kids how to swim and this stays on even after I’ve tried to take it off and so you may lose a few eyelashes but best waterproof mascara I’ve ever tried!

image (3)

I hope you enjoyed this post on a couple of my favourite beauty favourites that I have been loving throughout the month of October. It’s been nice to find the time and focus on what I love doing!

Speak to you guys soon!!

Shivani xox